Individual Courses
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Adobe Photoshop Level 1

With this world-standard image-editing program learn how to superimpose images, graphics & text on multiple layers & add dozens of special effects to create compelling images for the printed page, the web & virtually any other medium.

This 8-hour course includes 4x2-hour individual sessions at one-week intervals.  Total cost: $240

Adobe Photoshop Advanced Techniques

This course builds on your existing knowledge of Photoshop, using practical step-by-step exercises. Students will learn advanced retouching and blending techniques, how to use multiple masks on layers, automation and more. Personal projects are also encouraged.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with all Photoshop essentials

This 8-hour course includes 4x2-hour individual sessions at one-week intervals. Total cost: $240

Digital Photography


  • file types, and their organization (folders, subfolders)

  • properties and types of digital cameras
    (image sensors, memory cards)

  • accessories
    (memory cards, and readers, batteries, and lenses)

  • resolution and image size
    (for printing, screen display, and e-mail)

  • variables, which control image exposure

  • digital editing (most common image enhancements)

  • special effects (vignetting, spotlights)

  • intro to Adobe Photoshop

  • supporting software (ACDSee, Photo Fantasy)

Work on a photographic project of choice.
Homework and assignments.

3 2-hour sessions. Rates, which depend on the number of students and location can be e-mailed on request.
Total cost per individual: $180

Recommended courses to continue:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Publishing on the World Wide Web

  • Advanced Photoshop Techniques.

Web Design and Publishing

Working with FrontPage and/or Dreamweaver  as an HTML editor you will learn the fundamentals  of web pages, including tags, heading, body, and images as well as adding text, images and hyperlinks  to internal and external media. In addition, learn to  communicate with your internet provider, publish your pages, use FTP and advertise your site on the Web. Upon completion of this class you will have a complete website designed and published.

Course includes 4x2-hour individual sessions at one-week intervals, with flexible days and hours.

Total cost:  $240
Portfolio Development

Today the Internet is one of the most cost effective, easily accessible and far reaching promotion methods available. Creating your own website may be the single best thing you can do for your artwork and business. Learn how to create your own website, featuring portfolio images and various information about yourself and your artwork. Using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage software and basic HTML, you will be introduced to the entire process of creating, registering and maintaining a personal website. You will also learn how to get your images prepared for online publishing using Adobe Photoshop software. Only basic computer skills are required.

This 10-hour course includes 5x2-hour individual sessions at one-week intervals, with flexible days and hours.                                         Total cost: $300

Photography: Birds For Beginners

Photographing birds is a fascinating and exciting hobby. Learn how you can successfully take pictures of birds by taking field trips, through classroom presentations and by following professional tips. Basics of digital photography will also be covered. Bring your camera, laptop (optional), and your pictures to share.
3 classroom & 2 Saturday field trips. Cost: $225.00

Take them as a course, and get a bonus field trip, or as individual sessions ($60 per 2 hours) with no obligation.
All courses include instructional CD, handouts, and lots of homework.

Website Development and Maintenance
These consulting sessions are designed for small businesses with a need to build a new website, or to become independent in updating and maintaining an existing one by training its employees.
Sessions are done on clients' business premises at a rate of $80 per 2-hour session.
Running diagnostics and submission to search engines will also be covered.

Individual sessions are at least twice as effective as the ones in a crowded classroom environment. They are catered to the individual student's needs and level of advancement. Emphasis is placed on practical exercises, homework and creativity. We offer training at a time and in a format that suit your schedule and needs.

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