1 Describe the difference between the tails of a Red-winged Blackbird and a Brown-headed Cowbird.
2 How do the tails of small finches such as the American Goldfinch and the Pine Siskin differ from those of some common sparrows?
3 What overall difference can you see between the tails of gulls and terns in flight?
4 How can the shape of the tail help you distinguish a crow from a raven in flight?
5 Where are you most likely to see a gull or tern, and on what will it be feeding?
6 A black-and-white duck flies by very fast, reminding you of an arrow. What is it?
7 A rather small bird is sitting on the water but dives frequently, so you have a hard time getting a good look at it. Its bill is like a little spear, not like a duck’s bill. What do you think it is?
8 A very small black duck with a white cheek patch is a __________.
9 You see a black, whit, and gray duck with a large white patch on its face. It’s a ___________.
10 A small duck with a beautiful chestnut and green head sits on a pond, dabbling at vegetation. What is it?
11 How does the head of a Northern Goshawk differ from that of a Cooper’s Hawk?
12 A small bird is standing on a lawn so far away that you can hardly see its shape. It stands still for a few seconds, runs a few feet, stands still again, and then repeats this behavior, occasionally pecking at the grass. What family does it belong to?
13 A small elongated bird is hanging upside down in a fir tree, pecking at a cone. What kind of bird is it?
14 A very small bird with a short thin bill is flitting around in the branches of a tree, hopping quickly from branch to branch. It keeps flashing its wings out. What is it?
15 A small bird is perched at the top of an exposed tree branch. It just sits there, hardly moving. Whoops – suddenly it darts out into the air, turns around, and returns to its perch. What is it most likely to be?















1 Blackbird’s tail has a round tip; cowbird’s is slightly notched.
2 Goldfinch and Pine Siskin have slightly notched tails; sparrows such as Song, Lincoln’s, and Swamp have rounded tails.
3 Almost all gulls have fan-shaped, round tails; almost all terns have forked tails.
4 Crow’s tails are fan-shaped; raven’s tails is wedge-shaped, broadening out and then narrowing to a round (almost pointed) end.
5 Gulls and terns live around water. Terns eat fish or other aquatic animals. Gulls eat everything, including carrion and garbage.
6 Merganser
7 A grebe.
8 Female Bufflehead.
9 Goldeneye.
10 Green-winged teal.
11 The Goshawk has strong black-and-white head stripes, especially a white eyebrow; the Cooper’s has only a mottled black and gray head, with something of a black crown.
12 Thrush.
13 Chickadee.
14 Kinglet.
15 Flycatcher.